Wednesday, June 23, 2010

We need another Tatsunoko vs. Capcom

Warning: this is a little "conversion" from an old dA discussion which I thought had its place in this blog as well.

Since a new "VS series" is coming from Capcom, Marvel vs Capcom 3, I was thinking...
We should totally get another TvC at some point.
Or else, it will look like Capcom was just testing the market, if fans were all waiting for another MvC game, and Tatsunoko was just a little warm-up for the new MvC.

And it isn't.
It's a very fun game, very dynamic and nervous, which may look simple and a bit simplified but is pretty deep when you go for it and play it several times on harder difficulty and online!

Look at that! All the current VS game I got from Capcom (and SNK!)

My favorites are probably SNK vs Capcom, Capcom vs Snk 2, Tatsunoko VS Capcom and Marvel Vs Capcom 2 : P

I love the gameplay in TvC! The graphics are pretty nice for a Wii! A lot better than you'd thought! And the gamespeed... It's pretty awesome to have a nervous fighter like that around, I love it!!
I'm one of those old school fans that was kinda disappointed that KOF12, Street fighter 4 and Tekken 6 were slower than the previous installments in their respective series, but this crossover is pretty fast paced!
(SSF4 did correct it a bit more, a welcomed upgrade to SF4 in my eyes and I expect KOF13 to do the same)

Now, my only complaint is that there isn't enough characters in TvC!

"Tatsunoko vs. Capcom: Ultimate All-Stars" has been a nice upgrade to "Tatsunoko vs. Capcom: Cross Generation of Heroes ". Not quite a sequel nor just an international release. It has been a bit like TvC 1.5.

All the Marvel vs Capcom versions had more characters (counting upgrades from early Xmen games to the vs Street fighter ones!)
And this game got no excuse, it uses 3D models, meaning easier/faster to work on. Unlike 2D sprites which are a lot more complex to do and it takes quite some time to make modern sprites! (the reason why everybody other than SNK and Arc System went 3D nowadays....)

The cast's already pretty nice, but I would have liked a bit more, just a tiny bit more.
Here's my own ADDITINAL CHARACTERS and my explanation below...
(I'm talking from an European point of view, were other Tatsunoko series are known over the Speed Racers-only in America)

Bring in those guys in TvC 3! (or TvC 2... call it whatever you want!)

Hakushon Daimaō from "The Genie Family". He was cut from this new release.... He was inTatsunoko VS Capcom's first release and was cut...for no reason (there's tons of excuse/rumors...). Also called Bob in a bottle or Robert in France. He was one of Tatsunoko old school more populars characters and was shown across Europe (France, Spain, Portugal...) and Arabic countries (Egypt,...)

On Capcom side's I would have liked to see Zangief! Why? Good analogue big powerful character! Also has been in non-Street fighter games! He's even in POCKET FIGHTER! A chibi super deformed Capcom fighter!

I would have liked to see all the 5 Gatchaman!! Why?? Because it's Tatsunoko most well known series! And those other 2 heroes would have played pretty different from the already 3 Gatchamen! Don't forget there's gonna be a brand new CGi Gatchaman movie (in 2011) from Imagi studios soon! And in the previous Marvel VS Capcom crossovers there's like all the AVENGERS team!!

2 Action/Survival Capcom would have been nice over the other Gatchamen, and since zombies related Jill was already used in the last VS, Dante from Devil May Cry (not a fan but you gotta recon' the popularity) and Regina from Dino Crisis characters would have been nice!

Racer X from Speed Racers! Now I'm not a fan of this show, but you gotta acknowledge its popularity in America! There's been a modern live american movie, an US 3D show... America loves Speed Racer (or only knows this Tatsunoko franchise), and since I can't imagine the kid fighting, RACER X could have made it, even using his car in Ultra attacks!

Nathan-the bionic commando- could have make a quite interesting fighting character. Like Racer X, using his originality in attacks! He could have used his recent look or old school one, I like both!

Samurai Pizza Cats... Probably Tatsunoko's most well known show over the whole world! Not as popular as Speed Racer or loved as Gatchaman but even more spread over all countries! There's been said that Tatsunoko didn't let Capcom use them.. not this time? Only Yattarô would have been needed! The others, like with Doronjo, could have been used in Ultras!

Sexy Silvia? Yep! Another Viewtful Joe character! Is that a problem?? The cast lacks some feminine representants anyway... She could have been used in duo with Joe!

Now's the funny and random interesting ones!

Pinocchio - one of the early most loved series from Pinocchio! Don't know it? you're probably too young... This show has been around in the end 70's and was one of my favorite Pinocchio's interpretations! I'm hearing you guys cry "BUT!... It's lame!" What? the wooden doll lame?? Imagine his attacks! He could have been quite funny! The show's very well known to us, 20s-something! It has been shown in America, France, Spain, Italy, Russia, Egypt, China, England,etc... One of the early Tatsunoko productions to be shown outside japan! He deserved it!
Pinocchio is probably also a character on public domain, so no problem there I guess.
I specially love the opening theme! (it was the same in most languages just translated)

And finally, equally funny, Capcom's first mascot, Captain Commando! Used a lot in Capcom's merchandising, game manuals, ads,etc.. And had an decent beat 'em all game... He was in Marvel VS Capcom and should have been here too!

Now, what d'you guys and gals think? Other ideas? Agree? Comment below!


  1. Agreeable, if only because I'm feeling that the game's getting easily forgotten. At least that's how I feel it based on how I haven't played the game for a while. Except a few weeks ago, listening to Hurricane Polymar's theme song, and watching his overly badass fight scenes (seriously, what I'm saying is an underestimation!) made me wanna play with him on the game for a while. HA! RI! KAAAAAAAANE!!!

  2. I'm getting my Tatsunoko vibe back once again :D

    I'm probably gonna play some more TvC these days... If you're still up for a game, let me know ;)

  3. Any time later tonight will do nicely!

  4. I actually preferred TvC to MvC3. I ended up dropping MvC3 and going back to TvC. I really like TvC. Its up there with MvC1 and CvS2 for me.

    As for new characters, I'd like to see Cap Commando, Gawl, Leon, Komugi, Speed Racer, Speedy Cerviche, Megaman (X or classic), Ryu and Jinpei, Braiking Boss, Berg Katse, Sigma, and more.

    Also, keep your eyes peeled. This year marks the 50th anniversary of Tatsunoko Productions and they will be having a two-year "celebration period"- I'm expecting that if TvC2 is going to happen, its going to happen then.

    1. Same here, I much preferred Tatsunoko Vs.. over the 3rd Marvel Vs...
      Just an overall much funnier and better paced game. The music, the atmosphere. I mean, even if the Wii graphics aren't "HD" per say, they look much better, more colorful, etc.